Monday - Saturday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


1. Boarding and lodging: Hostel accommodation is available in the institution premises with well spacious and proper ventilation which will create homely atmosphere and enabling the students to have their studies. All the students should adhere to the rules and any violation will be viewed seriously.

2. Visitors are able to meet on the visitor’s time in visiting hall only

3. Recreation: Indoor games, T.V., D.V.D. player are available and on special occasions special movies and cultural programmes are conducted. Celebrations of National days, Capping ceremony, Lighting ceremony, Parting carnival, Narayana Nakshtra Galaxy will be celebrated to develop leadership qualities and personality development.

4. Counseling Hall: Individual students are assessed for their talents and counseling will be provided by the faculties and psychologists to overcome their personal and professional problems. Individual care is being taken to improve their skills in all dimensions.